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     In a world where everyone is online, everyone has a phone in their pocket or they are in front of a computer at least 6hrs a day, you have to capitalize on that. Print, TV and radio are out the windows. That is old fashioned thinking. You don’t even have to pay for the ads on the social networks, which do work great, you just have to be social! Our generation was lucky enough to be blessed with all this FREE technology at our fingertips. You have the ability to start pretty much any business you would like with the device that sits in your pocket. Facebook and Instagram can be used for much more than keeping in touch with family and memes. Facebook and Instagram are no longer the only options either. It seems like new social networks are popping up every few months. You need to be sure you’re on the major players like: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, Twitter and Snapchat. It doesn’t matter which generation you are trying to reach. Your mom probably has a snapchat by now. What matters is your content. You can’t just make one post and push it to all these different platforms. You need to be creating content that caters to each platform. I’ve personally made this mistake in the past, Instagram would be our “starting point” and the post would just be pushed to Facebook and Twitter. I noticed that strategy was not working at all. We had a huge following on Instagram, but Facebook and Twitter were lacking. You have to tailor the content to each platform and interact with the users on each platform. It can be a bit time consuming but the results can pay off big time! Imagine just dedicating a few hours a day to social media instead of giving $5k to a radio station, tv network or print ad. AND seeing whose consuming your content and being able to interact with them and answer their questions in real time. My business has quickly surpassed other local businesses in our area with this strategy. They continue to push heavy on old mediums that just don’t work well any more, especially with our customer base. My main customer base is 18-35, one of the hardest to market to. I know if I want to stand a chance, I have to be on all the technology they are on. Don’t get caught up in hanging on to old methods just because they worked at one point. You can’t be scared to try new things. Try, fail, learn, repeat.